Sunday, August 16, 2009

Parade of Homes-Lindon Residence

We landscaped this beautiful home show in 2003 for Magleby Companies. It is always fun to go back to the jobs we have completed years later to see how everything in the yard has matured.
The next two pictures show one of the front corners of the house. All of the plant material has matured and filled in very nicely.
The left side of this photo gives a view of the dry creek bed.
The dry creek bed runs in front of the home. Burning bushes are great for foundation plantings and the leaves turn red in the autumn.

Raised beds add height as well as layers to the landscape.
The wisteria softens the fenceline and looks great over the custom gate.
More views of the foundation plantings.
Here is a large landscape boulder surrounded by large cobble rock. Cobble is very cost effective, because it does not need to be replaced every few years, like shredded bark does.

Landscape boulders and Rose of Sharon shrubs were used along the fenceline.
More views of the dry creek bed.
The walkout basement area has rock slab steps with a rock wall. Creeping Jenny was used to fill in the spaces between the rocks.A small planting area with annual flowers and Oregon Grape, lines the bottom layer of the boulders to add some color.
More rock wall views.
This area is just behind the backyard gate. Creeping Jenny, hostas, dogwood, and spirea was used in this bed.
More wisteria lines the backyard fence, along with roses, and perennials.

Virginia Creeper and Kelsey Dogwood line the back wall.

Backyard side of the custom gate.

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