Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rock & Engineered Walls, etc.

This home used took advantage of the landscape and had several different tiers and living spaces created. Unfortunately we do not have pictures of everything but I hope that you will be able to get a feel of the landscaping. The homeowner used engineered walls as well as rock retaining walls in their landscape. The installation of fire pits, paver patios, planter beds and green spaces will provide areas unique areas that can be designated for different uses that will suit the homeowner and their family.

Flagstone is another material that can be incorporated into a landscape that can soften a walkway that is very different than the use of concrete.
Again, the use of stone slab steps create a softer feel compared to concret.

This engineered wall her shows how the blocks can be placed to create a curve along the driveway that leads to the home. There is a space or gap that is created that can be used as a planter bed where a drip irrigation system can be installed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Example of our work

This homeowner wanted a French garden that include herb gardens, cobble walkways and a dog run. The style is very elegant and invites people to linger outside. The use of color in the plant materials really gives a pop to the yard. I like the use of planter beds as well as different sizes and heights of pots to keep the eye moving and not just at ground level.
Outdoor living spaces can really define an area as an extention of a home. Here are two different spaces that extend the home outside. One is attached to the home and the other is detached. Both create different feelings and views of the yard that help the family use the outdoors for an extended entertaining area.
Plant materials can help define different sections of a yard as well as provide a screen between neighbors. These trees will grow above the fence line and will give a soft screen that will also provide shade to the yard. The flowers below create a dividing line from the pool area to the archway of pear trees defining the new area in a colorful and beautiful way.

If you do not like the look of concrete then the use of a pavers can help give a hardscape area without the concrete look.