Friday, August 28, 2009

Lehi Residence Completed

We finished the back yard of this residence last week. The front yard, pictured above, was installed two years ago. With a back yard like this, it is like having your own resort.
This view is of the fire pit sitting area with a water feature behind it. Guests can enjoy the sound of trickling water while sitting around the fire.
The swimming pool has dark gray plaster, giving the water a deeper color of blue. Most swimming pools have white plaster giving the pool water a light blue cast.
Stepping stones leading to the swimming pool.This is the barbeque area, complete with a drinking fountain. There is also another water fountain by the stairs leading to the deck above.The two gazebos sit in front of a custom Bocce ball court. Click on the picture for a close-up.
Under the gazebo on the left is the dining area. The gazebo on the right shelters another comfortable sitting area.
View of the dining gazebo.
View under the sitting area gazebo. The homeowner is great with accessorizing and bringing their personality from the inside of the home to the outside.
Doesn't this remind you of sitting poolside at a posh resort? And it is really just steps away from your back door.
Stepping stones lead past the hot tub to the front yard.
The fire pit area is shaded by an umbrella during the day.
The water feature is a core drilled stone. The water travels into a concealed pondless tank and recirculates back to the core drilled stone.
How nice would it be to spend a relaxing evening after swimming sitting next to a cozy fire?
View from the fire pit looking toward the gazebos.


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